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What is Performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of online marketing that focuses on driving specific actions or conversions, such as sales, leads, downloads, or sign-ups. In performance marketing, advertisers pay publishers, such as websites or social media influencers, based on the performance of their advertising campaigns. This means that advertisers only pay for the specific actions they are trying to drive, rather than paying for impressions or clicks.

Performance marketing typically involves the use of affiliate marketing or CPA (cost per action) advertising. In affiliate marketing, publishers promote an advertiser's product or service to their audience, and are paid a commission for each sale or lead they generate. In CPA advertising, advertisers pay publishers based on a specific action taken by the user, such as filling out a form or downloading an app.

Performance marketing is a measurable and cost-effective way for advertisers to drive specific actions or conversions, and allows them to track the return on investment (ROI) of their advertising campaigns. It also allows publishers to earn revenue by promoting products or services that are relevant to their audience.

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